Music Files: MIDI, Guitar Chords, Sheet Music


Sheet Music

Here is a link to a scan of the Renaissance Songbook, featuring sheet music from many of Renaissance's best-loved songs!  (This is a PDF document, so you should right-click and save from this link.)


MIDI Files

Here are fan-contributed MIDI interpretations of some of your favorite Renaissance songs! Please write to us if you'd like to add to this section!


Guitar Chords

Here are fan-contributed guitar chord transcriptions for these Renaissance songs, courtesy of Jacques Côté, Barrie Deatcher, Lee Durbetaki, Luiz Octavio Drummond, Leonardo Fraz„o, Barry Gidden, Christopher Carl Heckman, Uwe Hoppe, Daniel Junqueira dos Santos, Jan Nijhuis, Adriano Santi, Paul Solman, Clive Wells, Jeff Willens, and Ofir Zwebner.

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