May 012012

With Cinco de Mayo coming up this weekend, it was time to make my Margarita Cake again. And once again, it was a huge hit with my family and coworkers.

Here’s a link to my previous post about the cake.

This year, I managed to find an orange cake mix (very popular this time of year), and once again I used Cuervo Tradicional. The one new trick I tried this year came from Cook’s Illustrated: instead of using oil and flour on the bundt pan before cooking, I used a mixture of 1 tablespoon melted butter and about 2 tablespoons of flour, mixed it into a soft paste, and then smeared (the magazine says “brush” but where’s the fun in that?) the mixture in the pan. The cake came out of the pan perfectly.

And soon it will be time for Taco Friday. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Apr 242012

Becca’s sophomore year is heading towards the conclusion, so of course, she’s been working diligently in class while prepping for finals.

And playing “Draw Something.”

So when she sent me a very colorful expression of how she felt her time could be better spent (the word “bored” figured into it) I responded with a photo of a banana that was sitting on my desk.

These are the moments I’ll look back upon wistfully when I’m old. I’m sure of it.

Dec 132011

Cool evenings, perfect for the holiday season…

Dec 062011

This is another of my favorite Dennis the Menace Christmas panels.   Seeing it today, I’m struck by how it captures a typical moment I would have had with my daughters when they were younger.    I guess I really did learn my parenting skills from Rob Petrie and Henry Mitchell.

Click here to see several frames from the strip in larger format– it’ll give you context.

This came from a 1975 Pocket Full of Fun collection.

Oct 252011

Last week, I took part in a blogging project called the3six5chicago

The concept is to provide a view into a Chicagoans’ life each day of the year, told by 365 different people in 365 words or less.

Here’s a link to my entry.


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Jul 262011

Here’s a newborn robin who’s calling our Rose of Sharon bush home right now.

Lisa named him “Iggy,” and since this photo was taken last week he’s almost tripled in size and looks a lot less like an alien.

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