Today was “Take Your Offspring to Work” Day. Oh yeah, and it was Earth Day, too, but I don’t have anything to contribute to the latter topic, so let’s talk about my day with L’il Blue Eyes.
(Wait, I threw my newspapers in the recycling bin: does that count for doing my part for Earth Day?)
The Brown-Eyed One spent the day with her grandmother at the school where she teaches, so it was L’il Blue Eyes and me today at work. Glenn brought his older daughter in, so while the two kids did homework and watched videos (I am almost ready to do a line-by-line reading from memory of School of Rock) we attempted to get some work done.
Lunch was at Mrs. Levy’s, where the kids got free shakes with their lunches. That’s right: get ‘em all sugared up for the afternoon… But seriously, it was a nice touch. Later in the day, the kids got free ice cream and a free company T-shirt courtesy of my employer.
I was telling a dear friend of mine about how “Take Your.. Day” puts an interesting spin on the typical business day. People who under typical circumstances are thorns in your side magically soften when they see your progeny sitting there at your desk. And with LBE being the charmer that she is, I’ve seen entirely new sides to some of the people I see every day. We’ll call that a good thing.
Picked up Brown-Eyed Girl at Grandma’s, then it was off to a quick dinner then back home so the girls could get over their AIM withdrawal. Oh, and see School of Rock.. again.
After the kids went back to their mom’s, I was at Peggy’s for a Harp or two. Derek was filling me in on how he almost ejected a lady from the place tonight (for reasons I won’t go into just now), and how the bar’s golf outing in August is already overbooked but he insisted that my name be added. And as always, he asked me “how things were going” and offered up his friendly pub-owner perspective on “things.” Sort of a personal-adviser service, that.
(See? I’m like Zelig in the way I can adapt to the culture I’m in.)
I also ran into the lady from Urban Harvest, who sold me the evil 7-layer cookie bars I told you about the other day. (I bought four more to bring to the office today. They were a major hit. The tray in the picture must have weighed eight pounds.) She asked me if I was still in insulin shock, and that I should stop by tomorrow ’cause she just cut another huge batch. I told her she was worse than a crack dealer. But I meant it in the nicest possible way.
Cycling class at 6:00 am tomorrow. Will Joe make it? Tune in and find out.

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