Did you ever have one of those days when you wanted just 10 minutes to yourself?
I’ve been trying to compose an e-mail since early this morning, and it’s still sitting on my screen because every time I sit down something pulls me away.
The kids and I went to CNA for breakfast (I guess the article didn’t pack ‘em in the way I thought it would), followed by brief stops at Urban Harvest (an evil brownie, a “Derek” cookie, and a Jones Bubblegum Soda left with us), Starbucks, and Tuscan Market, then Emma’s soccer game took us up to almost 1:00. (The game, by the way, ended with some of the worst parental behavior I’ve seen at a kids’ sporting event… and I’ve been to a lot of them.)
Then it was downtown to get my new bike (more on that later) then back to Lake Arlington to get the lane lines in for tomorrow’s duck race. After that, we had to go to Michael’s to get stuff for Rebecca’s latest school project, then a quick dinner at Baja Fresh, followed by all sorts of miscellany here at home.
Now it’s almost 10:00 and the email is almost done.
Oh, and in the middle of all this, Cingular’s service went down, so my cellphone was outta commission for part of the day.
Tomorrow will be a better day. It’ll be fun, too, because of this. Photos to follow…

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