May 162004

Today was the Lake Arlington Duck Race, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day– mid 70s and sunny all day.
The day started out at the lake with our favorite adventure, assembling The Contraption. The idea is that we put all the plastic ducks the people “buy” in the big box at the top, and then at the right moment they’re dropped down the slide into the water, then the Fire Department blows them across the lake with their hoses.
The Contraption stands about 30 feet high and comes in four parts. It usually takes four of us to assemble it, and one of those four typically winds up in the water, preferably intentionally.
The lane lines were yesterday’s project. And that’s Howie’s arm on the right.
Becky and her friend Torie were running the face painting table for most of the day, and Emma stuck with me doing various odd jobs.
Overall, the race was a success– we figured we cleared a pretty decent figure, although a little lighter than last year.
Now I have to do something about that first case of sunburn on my arms and legs.
I need to try and not make this another late night. Turner Classic Movies is showing Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill, Jr..

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