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Ashes Are Burning

Turn of the Cards


Live at Carnegie Hall


A Song For All Seasons

Azure d'Or

Camera Camera


Live at the Royal Albert Hall, Part 1

Live at the Royal Albert Hall, Part 2

Songs From Renaissance Days

BBC Sessions

Day of the Dreamer

Unplugged Live at the Royal Academy of Music


In The Land of the Rising Sun

Dreams and Omens




In The Beginning

Rock Galaxy: Renaissance

Tales of 1001 Nights, Volume I

Tales of 1001 Nights, Volume II

Da Capo


Island (French sleeve)

Prologue (French sleeve)

Northern Lights (US picture disc)

Northern Lights (W German sleeve)

The Winter Tree- Island of Avalon (UK sleeve)

Faeries (UK sleeve)

Faeries (W German sleeve)

Solo and Extracurricular Releases

Annie in Wonderland (Annie Haslam)

InterGalactic Touring Band (with Annie Haslam)

In The Bleak Midwinter (Nevada)

Still Life
(Annie Haslam)

Annie Haslam

Fox (Akio Dobashi with Annie Haslam)

The Other Woman (Michael Dunford's Renaissance)

Blessing in Disguise (Annie Haslam's Renaissance)

Lily's In The Field (Annie Haslam with Steve Howe)

So The Story Goes (Charity single)

Poetry in Motion (Tribute album with Annie Haslam)

Skydancer (Raphael Rudd with Annie Haslam)

The Awakening (Raphael Rudd with Annie Haslam)

Supper's Ready (Genesis Tribute with Annie Haslam)

Tales From Yesterday (Yes Tribute with Annie Haslam)

Scheherazade Musical Promo CD (Michael Dunford with Annie Haslam)

Ocean Gypsy (Michael Dunford's Renaissance)

Live Under Brazilian Skies (Annie Haslam)

Trip to the Fair (Compilation: Michael Dunford's Renaissance)

Dawn of Ananda (Annie Haslam)

Pictures in the Fire (Nevada)

It Snows In Heaven Too (Annie Haslam)

Renaissant: South of Winter (Terry Sullivan)

Annie Haslam: 'Live' Studio Concert, Philadelphia, PA, USA 1997

Woman Transcending (Annie Haslam)












Illusion and Related Releases

Illusion: Out of the Mist

Illusion: Illusion

Illusion: Madonna Blue (Holland 45)

Illusion: Madonna Blue (UK 45)

Illusion: Enchanted Caress

Armageddon: Armageddon

Stairway: Moonstone

Renaissance Illusion: Through The Fire

Jane's Renaissance:The Complete Jane Relf Collection 1969-1995




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