© 1997 Jude Alderson

Transcribed by: Carlos Edmar

In A Land Of Ancient Kings | A Love So Pure | Future Brides | Dance Of The Masks
Remember Me | In The Stillness Of The Room


In a land of ancient kings
Of milk white sands and mighty jinns
In a land of magic charms
Of desert horsemen thundering

In a land of timeless hours
Of jasmine scent and secret bowers
In a land where memory
Is shunned for its discerning powers

In a land where innocence
Falls for the scent of dusky charms
Where opal-eyed seductresses
Reveal the turning tide of harm
And simple folk left in dismay
By curious powers beyond the stars
In a land where mosque and state
Are governed by the hand of fate

Shahriyar, as we have seen
Was hoodwinked by his lovely queen
Fates conspired to punish him
But who's the one we really blame?
As virtue personified
No tear was left undried
When Queen Yasmina, publicly disgraced
Was made to march through barren waste
To death her only comforter
The power of her sweet caress
Had been her only crime, they say

Remorseless, vengeful, full of fear
For every night of every year
A virgin bride was then desired
Nothing else would satisfy

Shariyar - the king betrayed
Takes a wife, then has her slayed
Takes a wife, then takes another
Driven by his jealous brother
Who lent his soul to sorcery!

Hell-bent on desolation
A man who like your king
Pledged to wear the badge of shame
Where treating women was concerned

Each poor virgin's fate is sealed
The Sultan's wounds will never heal
How will the country have an heir
When the Sultan's ruler is despair

Scheherazade - waits in the wings
Scheherazade - before her king
Scheherazade - knows everything
Her wisdom stretches o'er the plains
Of India and Arab lands

In a land where sword and veil
Grab of our power to tell the tale


Jasmine bower whispers memory
Silken touch completely entwines me
With her gentle hand in mine
Made the sun and the firmaments to shine

Now all I value's turned to dust
Led by the nose, a woman's lust
Joy smashed forever
King turned to beggar
The glimpse of evil in her eyes
A lifelong passion turned to lies
How could she shame me
How could she stain a love so pure?

In that strange bewitching hour
Sly confession, haunting evil power
As I count the years I've lost
See revenge as the only course I trust

Now all I honour is in vain
No one can ever heal the pain
Paradise soured
Queen turned a coward
A heaven attained then turned to hate
A love I cherished crushed by fate
How could she shame me
How could she stain a love so pure?

Revenge the only course I trust
A golden future turned to dust


A Valentino ball gown, embroidered pajamas
A sari made of lace
A Gautier reversable, a diamond tiara
Or is leather more to his taste?

A fur-lined bodice with loads of lift
Or would a wonder-bra make him miffed
Who started the rumour
That he likes his girls dressed down?

A darling secret jacket, hand-crafted by minors
A headband sewn by nuns
A leotard by Westwood
Then her rival designers
Slow down we're running out of funds

Venus in bluejeans were based on pout
And five-inch stilettos
To knock him out
Who started the rumour that the sultan's out of town?

I've heard the sultan likes his women in pants.
Is the guy out of his mind?
Why not a simple black suit by Coco Chanel?

Well, we all know what happened to the other brides.
Hmmm ... well, put it in this way:
"One night stand" takes on a whole different
Meaning when you've been with him.

Who do you want to start with?
We can start with the worst and work down.
Well, I absolutely refuse to have her!

Oh, I don't know. I like a challenge.
She has potential.
Grunge went out last decade.
We don't have all day.
No, we don't have all day.
We don't have all day.

Dears ...
You mean, me?
Look at the figure.
What about the face?
The eyes are quite pretty.
On an owl.

They all need a total makeover, makeover.
How long have we got?
Shame we haven't got time for surgery.

The girdle's too tight.
That means it's just right.
I'm unable to breathe.
She's right.
It's the teeniest bit of a squeeze.
Why don't you breathe in
And make yourself thin?
I'd be grateful if you left me my skin.

You're pulling my hair.
There's enough of it there.
A bit of a thatch.
With the peach underwear.
No, it doesn't quite match.
There's always the option of shaving it off
And starting from scratch.

You must understand that to get things right
Some last minute improvements to last you all night
If you swallow your pride and leave us to decide
By tomorrow you'll be the most popular bride.

Do you really think so?
You've got to suffer to be beautiful.
I s'pose you're right.

These shoes are too small.
He's not very tall.
Well anything goes.
If you were in China we'd bind up your toes.

This fabric's a dream.
If you cut me I'll scream.
Hand me that pin.
Ouch! That was my skin.
That's because you're too thin.
Do you want me to faint?
Will you show some restraint?
If you prick me once more
Then I'm going to deflate.

You must understand that to get things right
Some last minute improvements to last you all night
If you swallow your pride and leave us to decide
By tomorrow you'll be the most popular bride.

Do you really think so?

But this fitting is hell.
Just think of the prize.
But what if I fail?
And what if he dies?
Then we'll cut you to size.
Yes, we'll cut you to size.

In no time at all
We will trim you
And tuck you
And sew you
And stitch you
And cream you
And coax you
And stretch you
And lift you
And pin you
And slim you
And shape you
And paint you
And shave you
And bathe you
And make you behave.
We'll nip you and snip you
And turn you right into a suitable bride
For the king to enjoy.

I know it's me, I have a hunch that I'm the one he'll choose.
I know it's me, I have a hunch that I'm the one he'll choose.
I know it's me, I have a hunch that I'm the one he'll choose.

The wife of the sultan is the belle of the ball
And the ball will come to me
I'll order all my slaves to indulge every fantasy
What fantasies they will be

A horse-drawn chariot to take me to Mars
A diamond studded brain to paint my name on the stars
I'll take my camel shopping from Paris to Zanzibar

Bathing in my swimming pool, the Dead Sea imported
On news on how to spend
Indulging in my hobby of counting my money
The pleasure never ends

Muse in my palace by Michaelangelo
I swap the Twelve Apolstles for my favorite bow
Serenely divine with gold as my mantra
With this kind of class I could flaw Cleopatra
I reach for the stars and they bless me stature
I'll be the girl in his Casablanca





Remember me?
Your wife's companion
Her young friend she entertained
She wiled away those lonely days
You were always away

Remember me?
The orphan girl you dangled on your knee
The second child
You never gave your wife
The wife you failed
But that's another tale

Remember me?
An image sealed in my brain
The years go by
The memories there
It doesn't fade
Don't ask me why

Remember me?
I've returned to bring my memory to task
Outside a light
That ripped the heav'ns apart
Does not compare
To the storm we're forced
To watch inside for the rest of our lives

Remember me?
A jealous man who lost control
I was a child
But saw it all
A raging night
Just like his hate
A jealous man
Just like his hate
A jealous man who lost control
A jealous man - a raging night - a wife who died

Ten years ago, ten years ago
Ten years to the very day


In the stillness of the room
In the calm of evening light
The chanting of a solemn prayer
The distant sound of birds in flight
Stands a bride who faces fear tonight

I never knew my mother
Was never versed in the ways of the world
I played the role of mother
A woman, no longer a girl
But of the things that adults do
In the privacy of their room
Words like passion, love, devotion
But what really happens?

Should I be eleated?
Should I be afraid?
I'm so afraid

I'm so confused
I'm all at sea
By how I'm meant to feel
By what I'm meant to do
Rumours in the air

The corridors of power shudder
Dismembered ghosts cry silent screams
Whispered curses, shattered dreams

Moon, my friend your kindly face
Protect me from despair, disgrace
Here stands a lonely virgin bride
Instinct, faith, my only guide

Luxury surrounds me now
Silk and gold and perfumes rare
But all of those wives who disappeared
No one mentions, no one dares
I'm in the dark thrust in the limelight
A glittering star decked like a queen
But will I have the strength I need tonight?

Is this an honour?
Is this a curse?
Silk and gold and perfumes rare
Shall I question?
Do I dare?
My heavy heart part joy, part terror
Fearful for what's in store
Tonight, tonight, tonight