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© 1969 B. Feldman & Co., Ltd., trading as Renaissance Music
Lyrics Transcribed by: Mauro Franzoni
HTML and Editing by: Joe Lynn
Special Thanks to Aymeric Leroy
and Jeff Willens
Last Update: 10 October 1996

As these lyrics were obtained by closely listening to the recordings and converting them to the written word, we apologise if any errors have been introduced.

  1. Kings and Queens (Relf/McCarty)
  2. Innocence (Relf/McCarty)
  3. Island (Relf/McCarty)
  4. Wanderer (Hawken/McCarty)
  5. Bullet (Relf/McCarty)
  6. The Sea (Relf/McCarty) (bonus track on CD)


Kings and Queens are running wild, lonely for each other
Princes gallant are no more staying under cover
Jesters' jokes aren't even funny, poking fun at sorrow
Lords and Ladies hoard their riches fearful for tomorrow

Fantasies turning into truth
Fantasies turning into truth

Knight in chromium plated armour looking for a reason
Kingdoms crops so fresh and pure are going out of season
Maidens locked in some far tower stay inside forever
Minstrels rhyming songs of reason changing with the weather

Faces the fanfare only the fool
Faces the fanfare only the fool


If you want the reasons
For the changing of the seasons
And you want to know why
Blue is the colour of the sky
Then you've missed the point completely
And a little child smiles sweetly
Cause he hasn't had the time
To learn to ask the question why

If I could show you the sky...
If I could show you why...
If I could show you...
If I could show you...

The years pass by unnoticed
And I have no need to protest
And I know you feel the same way
Even though you never have to speak
The pain of joy is equal
To the joy of pain the sequel
Is as sure as the minutes
The hours and the days of every week

But sometimes when the clouds obscure the sun
I wonder why my day
Is as narrow as the road
That winds upon its way


There is an island
Where it should never be
Surrounded by suburban sea
And through the tired and hopeless waves
To where it's free

I want to be there
For the rest of my time

There on the island
The sun is always bright
The moon sends the darkness away in the night
I know that it's waiting
I know there's a place ready for me

I want to be there
For the rest of my time

Warm sounds of windsongs
Come down through the trees
But far away tears are borne on the breeze
I'll follow the raindrops
Cause sunshine and smiles are waiting for me

I want to be there
For the rest of my time


Wanderer, oh wanderer
Chasing up every star
Run for one and then catch none
Then you will know what you are
Then you will know what you are

Wanderer, oh wanderer
Be not afraid of unknowns
Live them through and then will you
Know the truth deep in your bones ?
Know the truth deep in your bones ?

Wanderer, oh wanderer
You are unique as the rest
See your goal and cleanse your soul
Settle and find success


Hey Lady Sodom Ramanah

Black mamba bamboo business
on a red sun night
All over cry forgiveness
for the last gunfight

So cool in your compensation
that you keep next to your skin
Cold sudden shock reminder
that you can't come in

Changing from pain to pleasure
is an easy ride
Sweating under the sunfire
till you cried and died

Till you cried and died


The sea
Holds its many hands to me
And takes me
To places where I want to be
My dreams
Many fathoms far below
Like this
The pattern of my life will flow

Distant horizon
Melts in the sun
Turn and turn away
Feel the end of day
Hear the saddest call
The stars appear
I wonder how I'll be next year
The tide will bring anew
I hope there'll still be you

The moon in its sadness
Loose in the night
Glowing from above
Welcome joy and love
How can it be
That sun don't see
A simple truth
It seems to me
Clouds obscure the view
Sea awaits the view

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