Illusion Cover
© 1971 Island Records, Ltd.


© 1971 B. Feldman & Co., Ltd., trading as Renaissance Music
Lyrics Transcribed by: Mauro Franzoni
HTML and Editing by: Joe Lynn
Special Thanks to Aymeric Leroy
and Jeff Willens
Last Update: 13 October 1996

As these lyrics were obtained by closely listening to the recordings and converting them to the written word, we apologise if any errors have been introduced.

  1. Love Goes On (Relf)
  2. Golden Thread (McCarty/Relf)
  3. Love Is All (McCarty/Thatcher)
  4. Mr. Pine (Dunford)
  5. Face of Yesterday (McCarty)
  6. Past Orbits of Dust (McCarty/Relf/Thatcher)


Love goes on, love goes on, love goes on

As the days pass out of sight
Fading memories in the night
You have moved it once again
It's always there behind the main

Love goes on, love goes on, love goes on


The thread is tugging hard
The refugee from Love's not his own
The rainy window tears
The seeds of grass confusion sown
The bait is laid at hand
The deal is much too good to miss

Lucifer sees a stray
And waits to mark him with his kiss

We walk the golden thread
And keep out footing firm and away
If you trip, I'll fall
You'll do the same for me one day


My love is the ocean, seas of seeing
My love is living and being
My love is the wind all cast through
My love is real and you

Love is all, love is one, love is one

My love is the sky and the air
My love is around everywhere
My love is the earth and eternity
My love is forever and free

Love is all, love is one, love is one

My love is the way and the song
My love is all and is one
My love is below and above
And everywhere love is love

Love is all, love is one, love is one


Oh, Mr. Pine doesn't wait till after nine
There's not a friend he's had to buy
Keeps his head above the sky
Ain't got much, and he don't ask why

Oh, Mr. Pine spends his summers drinking wine
Has a friend called Gypsy Joe
Wears an earring through his nose
Takes it everywhere he goes

Maybe I don't want to know
Maybe I don't want to go
Where the sun shines up the mountain
Drinking wine
I won't wait till after nine

Oh, Mr. Pine doesn't wait till after nine
Doesn't pass the time the day
In the graveyard with his yesterday
Looks at it once, and he didn't stay


The lonely street eclipsed the sun
Until the sculptor had begun
To etch and mold a dream
Which soon became a passing game
A sad forgotten scene
A face of yesterday

The builder laid his base of sand
And stretched his willing gentle hand
To seek the help, to shape the life
He had depended on
Which fell like rain and snow
A face of yesterday

The man of music wrote a score
For several instruments or more
When they played together
Then they found disharmony
A cluttered symphony
A face of yesterday


All of the wind
Floating in time
Dust into life,
Sun stream flowing wide
Adrift in the void
Splintering still,
Great cosmic star
In the cell of dark

Chasing bits of joy
Ghost in through the void
Clouds go whirling by
Hear the cosmic sign
Under glowing moons
Solar afternoons
Fate and love go by
Shooting stars of time

Skeleton soul
Stretching in space
Echoes of night
and shadows of light
Those brittle stars
In orbits of dust
Fragments of sun
From having been one

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