Renaissance - Live at The Park West-Chicago '83

Renaissance at Park West-Chicago '83

Renaissance Tix '83

In the Spring of 1983, Renaissance launched a tour in support of their Time-Line album, their last release with Annie Haslam, Jon Camp, and Michael Dunford. There were two shows at Chicago's Park West on this tour, and both of them were taped for the USA Cable Network's Hot Spots program. Copies of this program have been in collectors' circles for many years. Northern Lights' Joe Lynn was at the show on Wednesday, May 4, and here's the set list, in running order:

Can You Hear Me Call
Northern Lights
Running Hard
Black Flame
The Entertainer
Mother Russia
Band Introductions
Medley: Opening Out/Fanfare/Ocean Gypsy/At The Harbour/Festival Preparations/Can You Understand/Touching Once
Encores: America
Prologue/Ashes Are Burning

7 June 1996 / Northern Lights / 1983 Setlist