Stephanie Adlington Interview, 1996

David Gaines

I conducted the following interview via e-mail in 1996.  --DG

David Gaines:  The big question on most fans' minds, for sure, is how did Michael find you and give you the lead vocalist slot?

Stephanie Adlington: I met Michael at a session in London while recording tracks from his new musical "Scheherazade" with lyrics by Betty Thatcher-Newsinger. During the session I had a few solos on which Michael helped to coach me. A few weeks later I received a phone call from Michael to do a new demo of "Northern Lights." A month after that we recorded the first demos for The Other Woman.

DG: How does it feel to follow in Annie's footsteps? Did it unnerve you at all at first?

SA: I've always enjoyed listening to the music of Renaissance and have always loved the vocals of Annie Haslam. When Michael asked me to try out for the band I knew that he wouldn't have done so if he didn't feel confident that I could follow in Annie's footsteps! It didn't really unnerve me, because Annie and I operate in completely different areas stylistically. What did unnerve me was the possibility of alienating the fans of the "old" Renaissance because, after all, they made the band what it is today. My fear was that by introducing a new style the "old" fans would lose far the response has been entirely positive!

DG: What had been your experience with the music of Renaissance before you joined the new band?

SA: I was a fan! My favourite song is "Ocean Gypsy."

DG: Tell me something about your own musical background, what your training has been, etc.

SA: My musical background is rather diverse, to say the least. Having grown up in West Virginia you might be surprised to discover I was spoon-fed on The Eagles and The Doobie Brothers, along with a healthy dose of country! My father is also a HUGE Rolling Stones fan and would still live in the '60s if he could. I was an '80s child and loved most of the music from that period. I am listening to Chicago as I write this e-mail! I also grew up watching all the old musicals from the '50s and '60s like The Music Man and Oklahoma!. On graduating high school I was accepted into the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. Eastman is an entirely classical conservatory and only held my interest for two years. I then transferred to the Royal Academy of Music, London, UK, to not only continue my classical study but also have the opportunity to perform music theatre and commercial music/pop.

DG: Where do you see Renaissance going in the future? Will you be sticking with it?

SA: We are currently talking about ideas for the new album which Michael is working on at present....and YES I WILL BE STICKING WITH IT!!!

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