Heartache Brought Her A Successful Song Writing Career

Betty Celebrates The Launch Of An Album Of Love Songs

by Steve Fletcher

Staff Reporter

2 March 1995

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Last updated: 21 July 1996

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When a Hayle song writer lost her voice following a complete breakdown after a longterm relationship came to an end, she turned to her computer and put her thoughts to verse.

And the result is a music album, produced this week as a CD, with ten songs that explore the ups and downs, highs and lows of love.

Betty Newsinger of Hillcrest Road, Hayle, writes songs and music for television advertisements, for 1970s star Annie Haslam, currently making a come-back to the music world, and for the newly formed Renaissance group whose album The Other Woman Betty has helped write.

"I wrote most of the songs during the painful period when a relationship was coming to an end," said Betty


"This ended in a breakdown during which I was unable to speak, so I tried to put some of my feelings to song."

Her work was then taken by her co-writer, Michael Dunford, to recording studios and put to music.

"I could not have done it without Mike," said Betty.

"During the worst of my breakdown I should have been in the studio with the group, but was too ill to cope with that sort of pressure."


But now Betty, who has made a complete recovery, will see her songs promoted on national and international radio stations during the coming weeks.

"A single has been taken off the album and will be sent to DJs throughout the country," she said.

And Betty is no stranger to success, with one of her songs, "Northern Lights" reaching the number seven in the Pop charts in 1978.

Renaissance's The Other Woman is produced by HTD Records, the lead singer being Stephanie Adlington.

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