Back Home Once Again

Guitar Chords

(Jon Camp/Michael Dunford)
© 1978 Blue Disque Music Co.
From the Sire Records LP A Song For All Seasons

Introduction:   D    G    A    G  repeat

Come along with me
the day can breathe once more,
   D                    G
to hear the sound of closing doors.
         F                        G        D
The night has opened up its eyes to see day
       Dmaj7               Em7
A thousand moving just as one
A feeling that's so certain,
    Dmaj7              Em7   
that when this day is done,
   G/A     A7
the paper lads will...

 D                          G                                      
Come with the dawn casting light on the play,  
  A                           G   
Acting it out in our own special way
   D                      G
Making our entrance and reading the lines,
      A                  G                   D      G
The story of people who live by the Tyne.       

A   G   D   G   A    G

Back home once again,   
            G                D
The streets that seemed so long
They're waking now. Your job is done.
     F                       G                D
See people run to catch the wheels of their lives
  Dmaj7                   Emaj7
The city's reading every line
      G/A                    Dmaj7
But while it sleeps you're working
in a world that's just your own,
     G/A   A7      
For paper lads

   D                     G 
Alone in the dawn going round every day,
 A                             G
Seeing your home turn in different ways
      D                  G
Carry the news, solving problems you find
   A                               G                 D     G
though young, who knows what goes on in your mind.

A   G   D   G   A   G