Carpet of the Sun

Guitar Chords

(Michael Dunford/Betty Thatcher)
© 1973 Pytheon Music Co.
From the EMI Records LP Ashes Are Burning

Transcribed by Luiz Octavio Drummond
Last Update: 14 June 1996


B  B4  B  B4   

B                 B4   B
Come along with me
                  B4             B
Down into the world of seeing
                        B4    B
Come and you'll be free
                 B4             B
Take the time to find the feeling
D                 A             G
See everything on its own
And you find you'll know the way
                        A                   G   
And you'll know the things you're shown
                            B  B4  B  B4
Owe everything to the day


B                 B4         B
See the carpet of the sun
The green grass soft and sweet
B                  B4              B   
Sands upon the shores of time 
             B4          B
Of oceans mountains deep
G             E                   B    B4     
Part of the world that you live in
G              E                 B    B4  B
You are the part that you´re giving

Come into the day, feel the sunshine warmth around you
Sounds from far away, music of the love that found you
The seed that you plant today, tomorrow will be a tree
And living goes on this way, it´s all part of you and me

Repeat Chorus

Solo::  B B4 B  A A4 A  E  E4  E  B   D


B                 B4         B  B4
See the carpet of the sun  (4x)
G     E    B4     B