Closer Than Yesterday

Guitar Chords

(Jon Camp/Michael Dunford)
© 1978 Blue Disque Music Co.
From the Sire Records LP A Song For All Seasons

Transcribed by Luiz Octavio Drummond

Introduction:  G  D  C  A7  D  B  Em  D  C

G                      G(b6)
As morning leaves the night
Opening my eyes
                    Cm      G(b6)
I feel that you are close to me
And yet
Your heart is time away
But I canŽt hold a dream
                       Cm   G(b6)
That sleeps within my yesterdays
And so
Coming very close now
  Cm           G
I see my destiny
       E7              Am7
Is to make you part of me
       C                   G
And to hope that you might be
        D     D9  D  D4
Pure and free

 G    D        Em7    D     C
Leave memories on the wind
         G        Em7      D         G
To spend moments in endless flight
    D      Em7       D      C
Held over by all you mean
          G           Em7        D
I feel you nearer that darkest night
 Cm                    G    G  G(b6)  G6   G(b6)  G
Closer now than yesterday

Hoping for a chance
To find you loving me
In the distance 
Searching there IŽll be
In time
You may come to me
To fall into the world
That once we left so far behind
To learn
With each passing moment
As tomorrow comes for me
In the shadows of my life
For eternity to find
The light I see


End = Introduction