Let It Grow

Guitar Chords

(Michael Dunford/Betty Thatcher)
© 1973 Pytheon Music Co.
From the EMI Records LP Ashes Are Burning

Transcribed by Luiz Octavio
Last Update: 14 June 1996

Intro:  E A  E  A  E  A  B7

E                          F#
Taking time to find the right line
         E                                          F#   G# A 
Talking easy with the thoughts you want to share
         C#m               A              B
Leaning down, feel you knowing in my mind
A                        C#m                A            B7 
Stealing down, going down, feel you growing in my mind

                  E     E/D      C               E
It's got to be slow, taking love the only way
                       E/D      C               D                 E   E F#m A  B7
It's got just flow, making love and taking time to let it grow

Finding ways to find the real you
Spending days just holding hands and feeling free
Play around, watch the sunshine coming through
Come around, stay around, watch the loving grow with you

Repeat Chorus

Loving you the love you give me
Living loving with the things we have to share
Poetry, hear the words you say to me
Stay with me, here with me, keep our loving flowing free

Repeat Chorus

End:  E F#m A B7 E