Love Lies, Love Dies

Guitar Chords

Michael Dunford/Betty Thatcher-Newsinger

© 1995 Pytheon Music Co.

From the Albums

Michael Dunford's Renaissance The Other Woman and Annie Haslam's Renaissance Blessing in Disguise

Transcribed by Jan A. Nijhuis

September 29, 2002

I thought love so gentle so pure

I knew love so sweet and so secure
Dm              Am
Turning with an open heart
Dm                    G/B      Am
With a touch we would never be apart

Flames of love now ash just drifts away

Here I am I'm lost and love's astray
Dm          Am
I can never love again 
Dm                   G           Am 
For love lied and It died in the end

C         Em/A             Dm7
If I knew then what I know now
          G7              F
If I had  known it all somhow
F        G
Always believing
F         G
Love is deceiving
C            Em/A              Dm7
I could have held my shattered dream
             G7                   F
Seen all the things I should have seen
F           G
Now I know love lies
F          G                C   Am
Now I know love is bound to die

So much love now gone just slipped way
Some much pain to see that love betrays
I will never love again
For love lies and will die in the end

I thought I saw love in his eyes
But now I know love just lies
Leaving me hollow
Nothing to follow

So I will never give my heart
And I will always stand apart
Now I know love lies
Now I know love is bound to die

E            G#m/C#        A  
And love was nothing but a need
         B7          E
Devouerd by an empty greed
E         G#m/C#        A  
The ashes fill my empty heart
       B7            E
I will always stand apart

E         G#m/C#           A
This from love's beguiling mask
             B7              E
The kiss the questions never asked
E     G#m/C#              A
Now I know that love just lies
       B7               Am
I know love is bound to die

Love lies, love dies