Opening Out

Guitar Chords

(Jon Camp/Michael Dunford)
© 1978 Bleu Disque Music Co.
From the Sire Records LP A Song For All Seasons

Transcribed by Luiz Octavio Drummond

Intro:    Dm D9 D4 Dm Dm7 D9 Dm7 Dm......
          Em (Bass Notes: E F# G A A# C C# D) repeat
          Am FMaj7   G   F  FMaj7  Am  F  G 
          Em F  Em   F   Am  F  Em7  G   Am  

Dm              Dm/F              G
Fading mist you swirl and dance before my eyes
To realise,
    G/D                Am/C         Dm
The feelings that have lay within my heart,
Life in dreams is so much kinder
G               Dm
Just a momentīs memory
   G/D           Am/C               Dm
To fade away, in distance lies your home

Dm/F     G/D                 Dm/F G/D             
Bro......ken city,           take    you with me,
Am   FMaj7      G
Soon to be harmonised,
F     FMaj7      Am
There before your eyes,
F        G
Only to exist
Em            F                      Em
Time has held tomorrow yearning while apart
         F                   Am
Now the longing has begun for you
F               G
Suns will never set,
    F     FMaj7    Am
And shall not       forget,
F            G
Promises we made,
Em                   F                          Em
Somewhere there's a harbour, though we pass her by,
          F                      Am
Where our ship can be and safely lie,
F                Em        G                A
In the warmth of her arms, inside a perfect day
Am   F                G          Em          Am
And with each passing moment, we wait to sail away....