I Think of You

Guitar Chords

(Michael Dunford/Betty Thatcher)
© 1974 Bleu Disque Music Co.
From the Sire Records LP Turn of the Cards

Transcribed by Paul Solman
HTML by Joe Lynn

Gm    D    Am7b5    D    (play twice)

Verse 1:
Gm                D            Am7b5           D
I love you like a stream flows restless to the sea
Gm               D            G6              A   A7
See you like the mist touches clouds, touches me
D              D7/C      G/B          Am7b5
See you in the stars wherever you may be
Fm         E    G6       D      Gm    D    Gm
I think of you, think of you

Verse 2:
If ever you're near and have some time to spend
I love you every way, love you like a friend
And then when you leave a whisper in my mind
I think of you, think of you

Verse 3:
When I see a bird fly over to the sea
And the sun in the sky is shining warm and free
And when I feel the wind blow cool over me
I think of you, think of you

Ending (harpsichord):
Gm    D    Gm    D     (repeat and fade)

Renaissance play the intro melody on piano and harpsichord
but I suggest the following chord shapes for guitar. Try
sliding the Gm down to the D, and fill in the gaps in the
melody by copying the rhythm pattern of the acoustic guitar.

   Gm    D    Am7b5            D