The Young Prince and Princess

Guitar Chords

(Michael Dunford/Betty Thatcher)
© 1975 Bleu Disque Music Co.
From the Sire Records LP Scheherazade and Other Stories

Transcribed by Barry Gidden
Last Update: 23 February 1998

Bm                      A6              Gmaj7(1)
And you would cause the sun to see your light
and then be shamed
          A               G               Bm
You cover darkness with a thousand secret flames
          E     Em        Bm          E     Em    Bm
With your love,     oh my love, oh my love,    my love

And I would cause the winds to blow a hundred different days
And bring the perfumes of the gardens of the ways
Of your love, oh my love, oh my love, my love

Gmaj7(2)              F#m7
Crystal and the clay, nights and the days
Em7                 Dmaj7
All on the prince's seal
Gmaj7             F#m7
Eagle of the sky, lion of the earth
Gdim                  Bm
This what the seal is worth
C                F#
What the seal is worth
B     G                      B     G     B
Holds all of the dreams of a man
G                     B     G     B
Tapestries, wishes of man
G                       B     G     B
Pictures and visions of man
G                           B     G     B
The spirit, the soul of the man

Bm                  A6
And he would vow to love her
        Gmaj7(1)        B
For the rest of all his days...