Fourth of July Recap

The Fourth was pretty cool.
We saw American English at Frontier Days. I’ve seen these guys at various festivals over the past 10-plus years, but this is the first time I ever saw their entire show. They pull the Beatles thing off really well.
After the show, we bought their latest CD, “What If… 1971.” It’s the band performing the solo Beatles’ material that came out in 1970-1971 as if the band was stilll together (as in, the Beatles performing “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” and “Instant Karma.”) They recorded the CD last year at Abbey Road Studios, which must have been a real trip for them.
The interesting thing was that the guys stayed in character as they were signing autographs after the show. [“Sure thing, mate.”] I wonder if they use the Liverpool accents as they go through the drive-through at McD’s in Schaumburg.