Cold January

It’s been hovering in the single digits around here the past few days. It’s 15 degrees in downtown Chicago as I write this.
A lot of people are complaining, but once again Roger the Security Guard came up with words of wisdom: “It’s Chicago. It’s January. What do people expect? You just gotta go with it.”
Makes sense to me.
In the past couple of days, I’ve seen four guys from the ‘old days:’ Chuck, Jim, Michael, and Tim. Chuck is still consulting (no surprise), Jim’s getting married next summer (he found The One), Michael’s company just went public and they cut his stock options in a 3-to-2 reverse split (bummer), and Tim is still on an even keel, trying to teach his 16-year-old son that it might be a good idea for him to get a job if he wants to use the car. In all, it seems we remain a pretty well-adjusted group. Or we’re really fooling ourselves.
I’m gonna get the lowdown on the knifemaking world tonight with my pal Journeyman Smith Bob.
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Just finished reading “The Man Who Ate The 747.” It sort of turned into “It’s A Wonderful Life” at one point, but it was a really nice and sweet love story. Next up: whatever moves me when I make it downstairs to Barbara’s Bestsellers.