Sunday Night Update

Busy day today… Lisa got back to her place at 2:00 am– make that 3:00 am since we changed the clocks— and she was wayy tired when she got here after lunchtime to make lasagna with Becky. Lisa had a trying weekend with all her driving and family stuff, so hopefully today was a little more relaxing for her.
Celebrating Emma’s and her Grandma’s birthdays today, so the dinner was a special thing, capped off with a cake from Deerfields. We just got back from walking to 7-11 for Slurpees in Spongebob cups.
I’d better get to the gym tomorrow.
The weather here was great today: in the 60s and sunny, the first real spring day. I have the feeling it’s gonna be better from here on out.
I upgraded Movable Type on my server to version 3.15. That won’t mean much to you guys, but it makes entering and managing this blog easier.
I’ve also got some ideas for this site that will make it a little easier to navigate. More on that soon.