Destiny’s Gate

The new portrait on my main page was done by a local photographer. I am really impressed with how well the whole set came out. Family members: watch your mailboxes.
I saw The Passion last week, and it’s just not worth the hubbub. I saw nothing overtly anti-Semitic in the movie, but as S pointed out, the movie would have been at least a half hour shorter if Mel chose to use less slow-motion. On some level, I was hoping for a more spiritual experience, but this wasn’t it. I thought Jesus Christ Superstar showed a little more in the Jesus-is-doing-this-for-human-redemption category than this movie– this was just a lot of suffering. The characters of Judas and Satan were probably the most interesting.
RB took us to Poag Mahone’s for lunch today. It’s a new place that’s sitting on the same spot as the late, lamented Excelsior. (That would be the home of the “Hungry Hunter.”) The food is a lot better, though. This might be the new hangout for those after-work brewskis. By the way, “Poag Mahone” isn’t someone’s name: it’s a colorful Gaelic expression that might get you a punch in the mouth. Check the link to see what it really means.
The other night a bunch of us Foundation people were at Peggy’s (what’s with the Irish theme anyway?) to discuss the upcoming Duck Race. It became apparent that none of us knew what a group of ducks was called– M was convinced the word was “flock” but I didn’t buy it. I think it says something that a group of parents who are running a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for their children didn’t know the answer to this question. (Research has proven that the correct terms are: a paddling of ducks, a raft of ducks, a team of ducks, and a dopping of ducks.)
Today’s lyric is here simply because I like the song. No secret message here, just a sweet sentiment.

Destiny’s Gate
(Tish Hinojosa)
What do you say, it was destiny’s way that would lead us
Here we are holding tomorrow in the palm of our hand
All of our life led the way to this part of the story
I should’ve known you’d be waiting at destiny’s gate
Son of a gun, there was love, peace, power, and glory
Song after song, well it must have been written that way
Now I believe in my eyes and the back way they showed me
Something far better was waiting at destiny’s gate
You find a road and you pave it
A long lost love and you save it
So much of the past sees tomorrow at destiny’s gate
Time as it’s been and the trials we have seen kind of leave me
Checkin’ our hearts for a cut or a bruise or a hole
I want to ride along straight on that highway to heaven
Checkin’ the pistons and pumps and the bumps on the road
Rollin’, rollin’, time doesn’t wait
I could see it, feel it finding a way
So much of the past sees tomorrow at destiny’s gate