Yesterday afternoon I decided to stop in at Cereality, which is billed as a “cereal bar and cafe.”
I call it the place with the sugar buzz that won’t die.
Cereality’s concept is very similar to Cold Stone Creamery’s or Starbucks’: take something you can make at home, mix it in a certain way with some fairly common ingredients, and charge a premium for it.
You can choose from one of their pre-defined cereal mixes, or you can create your own from their menu of about 30 different cereals (both hot and cold) and dozens of toppings, ncluding bananas, raisins, chocolate chips, yogurt, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows– beginning to sound familiar? Your concoction is served in a mid-sized chinese carryout container, accompanied by a half-pint carton of milk of your choice.
For the purpose of this review, I chose the “You Snooze, You Lose,” which was made up of Cinnamon Life and Golden Grahams cereal, a shot of espresso, and crushed malted milk balls. When I topped it with a half-pint of skim milk, it turned into an edible latte. This amalgamation cost me $3.89, about the same as a Starbucks mocha, only this made me a lot jittier.
Cereality also offers cereal bars, mini coffee-cakes, and parfaits, smoothies, coffee, and something called