A Day in the Woods

Today was the annual fifth-grade trip to Camp Tu-Endie-Wie near Elgin. This is a day for the kids to participate in all sorts of nature education and team-building exercises. I was a team lead, so I spent the day in the fresh air in charge of 12 kids instead of behind a keyboard in charge of, well, other things.

Above you see Emma’s group learning a lesson about how the deer population grows and shrinks depending on the resources available to them.

The kids had a great time, playing games, working on crafts, doing archery, and building a shelter out of sticks in the woods.

(Emma took the photo above, and she wanted to see it here in the weblog. So here it is!)
By the way, “Tu-Endie-Wie” is a Wyandotte Indian phrase meaning “the point between two waters.”

The day ended with a singalong around the campfire.
Emma fell asleep in the car on the way home. I think she had a great time.