Lost In Translation

I took a trip up to Janesville today to see Bob at his exhibition. It was very cool, seeing what all these people do with their spare time– and the talent! I also got a card from a guy who might be using me to build a web site, so we’ll see where that goes.
I saw “Lost in Translation” tonight, which I’ve wanted to see since January. Another awesome movie, with another great soundtrack. Bill Murray does his lounge singer act and sings (among other things) Roxy Music’s “More Than This” (on the radio.blog now– the Roxy version). It’s another of those movies that makes you think.
Also on the radio.blog is a Renaissance song called “Electric Avenue.” This is from their new-wave period, which a lot of fans hated but I actually thought was pretty good. (I loaded a bunch of Renaissance on the iPod this weekend, so I’ve been in that mode for the past 24 hours or so.)
By the way, the radio.blog is whacking out. First of all, Blogger (where I write these words of wisdom) somehow shoved the radio.blog to the bottom of the page here, and I realized tonight that I am running out of disk space on my server here. I think I might move the radio page to another server, so watch for that change sometime. In the meantime, I have to pull old songs off while I put new ones on the weblog.
That’s it for now. Here are the lyrics to the Renaissance song.
(Jon Camp / Michael Dunford)
Brought up and lived by the modern age
Brought a new spot to my life
I love the power you have over me
Amaze my friends and set me free
Here we are walking in step
We’ve got ideas that we haven’t used yet
There’s so much left that I want to do
Automatically I think of you
You beginning and you to end
You were the first you never bend
You walk beside me everywhere I go
Our secret’s safe they’ll never know
But here we are walking on down Electric avenue
Part of today in every way Electric avenue
I’m insecure and I’m not so sure
Cause you mean this much to me
Your heart is cold and you won’t grow old
I’m full of tricks so watch and see
I can disappear without a trace
Just say the word I’ll be gone from this place
There’s so much left that I want to do
I’m automatic that I think of you