Web Things

I’ve taken the first step towards getting more space here at www.jtl.us.
My radio page is going to be moving to its own host, which makes sense since I’ve owned the domain name www.joesradiopage.com for about a year. (That domain name already forwards to the existing radio page.) The new site should be up within the next week.
Now I’ve got the itch to redesign my personal page. Yeah, like I’ve got the time. 🙂
I’m not sure what’s going on with this blog page– the radio.blog appears in different places depending on which machine I’m using. When I clear the radio page off this server, I may switch to a different blogging program.
We had another Duck Race meeting tonight at Peggy’s, and in the middle of it I was taken to task for putting vinegar on my fries. Clearly, these people don’t know that when in Ireland (or at least in an Irish pub) you gotta play the part.