What Makes Me a Cool Dad

Hannah Montana
I could argue that I’m a cool dad by virtue of the fact that I’m just, well, cool.
Last night, I took the girls to see the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert at the United Center. I managed to get connected with some tickets in a corporate Skybox, which is the only way to see a show like this.
(I think the girls are spoiled now, and probably won’t want to sit in the regular seats the next time we see a Bulls game.)
The show was perfectly suited for the audience. Ms Cyrus, in both her “Hannah Montana” and real-life personae had full command of the crowd, who sang along with every number and jumped up and down and screamed to fill the spaces in between.
Here’s a link to a review in the Chicago Sun-Times. They liked the show, too.
It seemed the crowd much preferred the “Miley Cyrus” portion of the show to the “Hannah Montana” part. And Kudos to Ms Cyrus and her management for launching her career in this “dual” mode– given the way Disney first promotes and then chews up their stars, it’s brilliant to market both sides of the coin. When “Hannah Montana” is long gone from the Disney Channel lineup, Miley Cyrus will have an established career that will (I hope) take her further than, say, other former Disney stars (I’m trying really hard not to mention Ms Duff and the unfortunately unfortunate Ms Lohan).
Most of the songs were from the Hannah Montana TV show and CDs, but at one point Hannah and opening act Aly & AJ went into a respectable cover of Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Night.” My, how time flies.
I have to admit, that like my previous experience at a concert geared towards teenagers, I actually enjoyed the show.
And my kids think I’m the coolest dad, like, ever.