Prescription with Rock on the Side

Has anyone else noticed that the music in Walgreens is a little more, uh, hip than it used to be?
Okay, I’ll admit that by “hip” I mean “the sort of thing they may play on your ‘classic rock ‘ station’s ‘Deep Cuts’ segment.”
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve heard Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly,” Jimi Hendrix’ “Little Wing,” and “I Hear You Knocking” by Dave Edmunds, all while shopping for things like shaving cream and coffee filters. And this was in a couple different stores, so it’s not like the Walgreens I usually visit has suddenly become a Muzak rebel.
I couldn’t tell you what they were playing before– shows how innocuous it must have been.
I wonder if playing the Rolling Stones will increase sales of Geritol…