A Voice Returns (a Followup)

In November of 2007 I wrote about Thom Foulks, the guy I believe to be the true godfather of technology talk radio. I closed the piece by saying that I wished that I had saved some tapes of Thom’s show, Computing Success!
My wish has been answered– a few months ago, Thom’s son Dana e-mailed me to say that he enjoyed my previous blog posting and that he had some recordings of his dad’s show that he would send me.
So, thanks to the tiny world we live in today, I can bring you an entire two-hour episode of Computing Success! that ran on the Business Radio Network on April 26, 1992. You can click on the links below to play in your browser, or you can right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) to save the files.
Part One
Part Two
I tried to clean up the audio, yet it’s not perfect– but no matter, I say. I’m just happy to be able to hear this again.
In addition to enjoying Thom’s laid-back style of delivery, you’ll also hear his wonderment at the then-new PC sound card technology– part of the recently-announced MPC standard), and questioning whether the Logitech Fotoman (which you can see halfway down this page) was worth the expense. There are also lots of mentions of things we don’t really worry about any more, such as config.sys files and where the “himem” command should go in your autoexec.bat.
There are also mentions of the Apple PowerBook and NeXT computers. Neat stuff.
I hope you enjoy these sound files– they brought back a lot of memories for me. Thanks, Dana!