Christmas Airchecks

Here’s an early Christmas present for all of you: a pair of archive files that each contain 90 minutes of somewhat innocuous holiday music.  The real bonus, though, is hidden in the recordings:  between the usual bits of Nat King Cole, Kenny G, and 101 Strings are little snippets of Chicago media history. These are recordings of two Chicago radio …

Thanksgiving Wishes

  As I’ve mentioned here before, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. This is the time to be grateful for the good things in our lives– and while it’s easy to lose focus on the positive, it’s critical that we keep reminding ourselves of what’s– and who’s — really important to us. Happy Thanksgiving!


We spent part of last weekend in Madison visiting Craig and Megan. In addition to a couple of great dining spots (The Old Fashioned and Sunprint Cafe), we also saw a Wisconsin Badgers hockey game, visited the Farmer’s Market and the Henry Vilas Zoo. It was a blast– enjoy the photos!

Supporting Metropolis — 3 New Events!

There are three new fundraising opportunities for Arlington Heights’ Metropolis Performing Arts Centre and its School of Performing Arts.    Please consider participating in one (or more) of these events! 1. On Thursday, November 10, Jimmy John’s in Downtown Arlington Heights (19 S Dunton Ave) will donate 20% of all sales between 2:00-9:00 pm to the …

The 3six5chicago

Last week, I took part in a blogging project called the3six5chicago.  The concept is to provide a view into a Chicagoans’ life each day of the year, told by 365 different people in 365 words or less. Here’s a link to my entry.

Halloween Cupcakes

…because you can’t have too much sugar in your viewing diet. This was my Saturday afternoon project– I was working on these while Lisa was making her White Chicken Chili.  Yeah, we ate pretty well that night. I’m still working on my cupcake-frosting technique.  I’ll get there one of these days.