Playing Dice With The Universe

Saw the first installment of the Metropolis Arts Center’s New Play Festival. Today’s play was a reading of “Boxes” by a playwright from Indiana named Doug Bedwell. It was a very interesting piece that covered life, love, quantum physics (seriously), and why “nice” people always get hosed. Afterwards, the playwright, actors, and director were on stage holding a question and answer session.
The most poignant moment of the Q&A was when someone asked the playwright where he got his ideas. His answer: “Ideas are presents that your brain gives you when you feed it.”
I decided at that moment to start feeding my brain a more healthy diet.
By the way, I’m writing this at the Schaumburg Starbucks, and for the very first time there aren’t loads of screaming teenagers here. Could also be all that snow we’ve got coming down.
Finally, check out this error message.
And remember, God doesn’t play dice with the universe.