Airborne Entertainment

The FCC announced that they are discussing auctioning off airwave rights to companies who will provide in-flight internet access. This is a really cool thing.
They also announced that they are considering lifting the ban on the use of cellular telephones in flight. This is a really frightening thing.
I have a 35-minute commute by train now, and at least three times a week I am subjected to some idiot entertaining the entire car with his/her work/home life.
I can just imagine what a four-hour flight across the country would be like:
“Hi Cindy, this is Karen. Yeah, I’m on a flight to Seattle and… yeah, on the plane… NO SH**! They’ve got this really cool thing now where you can call from the plane! Anyway, I wanted you to get that project plan together for the 2005 budgets. Yeah, I know Rob wanted them Thursday, but he’s such a d*** that I want to do it now. I know he’s p.o.’d because I wouldn’t go out with him. That’s why I only got a 32k bonus last year, you know. Remember what I told you about the Christmas party when he.. oh wait, hang on– I have another call… Hello? What? Wha– Ashley… Ashley! Stop hitting your brother! Ashl— give your dad the phone. GIVE HIM THE G*****N PHONE!!!”
…and with my luck, I’ll have the middle seat and my iPod’s batteries will be dead.