Yes, Everywhere It’s Christmas

Everywhere it’s Christmas,
Everywhere it’s song
London, Paris, Rome, New York,
Tokyo, Hong Kong
Oh, Everywhere it’s Christmas,
and I’m off to join the cheer!
Everywhere it’s Christmas
at the end of every year!
Oh, Everywhere it’s Christmas
at the end of every year!

That little bit from the Beatles’ 1966 Christmas record, “Pantomime,” keeps rolling through my head. I figured if I put it here the music would stop.
Okay, call it sentimental or cheesy, but once again I am sitting here on Christmas Eve saying that there is still magic in the world. No doubt about it.
Downtown Chicago, at least my end of it, is deserted today. Our day started with an early Christmas Eve day breakfast at CNA. Becky is in the office with me today, writing in her blog. We’re probably going to make an early day of it.
The shopping is all done, Santa’s getting his sleigh charged up, my coworker Bob V’s annual Christmas CD is playing, and I believe the lasagne will be in the oven in a couple hours.
The next page features a poem that my knifemaker buddy Bob wrote this year.
Merry Christmas.

The golden light
On trees of white
In the early morning dawn