Mmmmm… Chocolate

We went to the Chocolate Fest in Long Grove on Saturday.
The weather was typical late-April stuff, cloudy and windy with an occasional patch of sun. At least it didn’t rain.
We were there for about 5 minutes when Becky spotted the Kettle Corn vendor, and then we picked up some deep-fried cheese curds (mmmm… currrds) from another stand. And we washed it down with a lemonade shakeup.
Long Grove is a touristy little town with a bunch of little shops where you can buy all sorts of gourmet items, antiques, and other knickknack stuff. The kids each made a glitter-decorated pen and Lisa got her chocolate covered strawberries, which added up to a pretty good time.


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  1. Don’t forget, Lisa won the “shopping earliest for Christmas” prize! Go me! 🙂

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