Through the Woods


I took advantage of my week off and took a few rides on the 8 mile loop on the bike path that runs though Busse Woods.

I took my 1990 Schwinn Woodlands out one day, and I did just fine on it. This bike has been my workhorse over the years: it’s the one I ride around town and to the grocery store, and it still keeps on ticking. It’s also a great training bike, because it’s heavier than some of the hybrids they sell today, so it takes a bit more to get it moving.

I also got out the 2004 Specialized Allez (pictured above), and taking this bike on the trail after working out on the Schwinn is quite an experience. This bike is insanely light and when you press on the pedals you just go. I noticed the gears are a little out of alignment, so at the end of the week I’ll be trying out the service at a new bike shop in town, Campbell Street Bikes.

There’s something very peaceful about these early morning (weekday!) rides. It’s not very crowded, and getting out there first thing in the morning (before 7:30 am) means that the air is still fresh and cool. I remember when I was between jobs in the summer of 2001 that I got out there almost daily and it did a lot to improve my attitude every single day.

Next up: an early ride on the 20-mile North Branch Trail.