Simple Instructions

Apparently, several of my neighbors in Arlington Heights don’t understand how the “Kiss n Ride” at the Metra station is supposed to work.

You see, there are these very neatly-marked parking spots where you pull in and, as the cute little graphic on the sign indicates, the person who’s commuting gets out of the passenger side of the car while you, the driver, remain in the driver’s seat.

In the years I’ve been commuting from this station, I’ve seen all sorts of nonsense taking place when people are being dropped off.  My favorite is when someone pulls up, blocks no fewer than three people who are parked (as they’re supposed to be), and then both driver and passenger get out of the car… and it turns out the driver is the one who’s commuting and the passenger, who’s usually a bleary-eyed spouse or teenaged son or daughter who was roused from sleep at 6 am– is taking over driving duties.

This may be a stretch, but if someone is going to be driving your car, wouldn’t you want them to be awake when you leave the house?

Just a warning:  if I see this happening and I’m being blocked in by these shenanigans, you’re gonna see reverse lights coming at the side of your precious vehicle.

Or maybe I’m just all talk. 🙂