Always Have Humus On Hand

After Tuscan Market, I stopped at the WaMu branch next door for cash. (It seems a certain bank still hasn’t opened a branch in my home town.) WaMu’s ATMs crack me up: “Hey Mr. Lynn, how can I help you?” (I’d still like to see their screens in haiku, though.)
And the big annoucement for today is that I am doing The Garden again this year. And this year I’m doing it right. Or righter, anyway. The signs went up this week saying that the gardens were open, so today I went over there and put up a fence to keep the critters away. Now, if we get some more dry weekends, I’ll be able to get the thing going before the end of May, unlike last year. Still no plans as to what I’ll be planting beyond the sunflowers and marigolds S gave me. But (and remember these words) there will be a plan. (Now ask me again in August.)
And come to think of it (stream-of-consciousness ahead) I have one of those Hometime videos around here that talks about doing a vegetable garden. I oughta dig that one out and watch it.
A final comment that has nothing to do with anything above: Bob Chinn’s rocks. Still.



  1. Hi, there, Mr. Lynn!
    It’s a pleasure, as always.
    Would you like some cash?
    I bet there’s a job waiting for me at Washington Mutual…

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